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About this website:The designs here are the creation of independant artists who sell theirwares on This page is not a part of, butit is my independant endeavor to bring together and present to you someof the best designs with a nursing theme. All of the original designsare copyright to their respective owners.

As you browse, you will see the product and design linksannotated with the name of the shop of the artist who created them (ie:"this design by _____"), click on the link if you'd like to visit thatartist's website and see their other designs!

When you "check out" you will be sent to CafePress to makeyour purchase. For your convenience there is a link on the upper rightof all pages to the CafePress help page. Since this site is not part ofCafePress, (it's my personal "picks") you need to make your purchasesthrough CafePress. One of the biggest retailers on the web, CafePresshas great customer service and a 100% satisfaction 30 day money backguarantee!

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All designs are the creation of independant artists and are copyright to them. This website is an
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